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Vol. 40. Issue 9.
Pages 631-706 (September 2021)
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Original articles
Could the unfortunate outcome of pediatric acute myocarditis be predicted? Factors contributing to a poor outcome in myocarditis
Stasa Krasic, Sergej Prijic, Sanja Ninic, Dejan Nesic, Bojko Bjelakovic, Gordana Petrovic, Ivana Cerovic, Vladislav Vukomanovic
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:631-8
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
Risk prediction for adverse events in pediatric acute myocarditis: Are we there yet?
Soham Dasgupta
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:639-40
Open access
Temporal trends of lipid control in very high cardiovascular risk patients
Paulo Maia Araújo, Alzira Nunes, Sofia Torres, Carlos Xavier Resende, Sérgio Machado Leite, Joana Duarte Rodrigues, Sandra Amorim, Elisabete Martins, Manuel Campelo, Maria Júlia Maciel
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:641-8
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
Heaven can wait… for lipid control in very high cardiovascular risk patients
Alberto Mello e Silva
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:649-51
Open access
Balloon pulmonary angioplasty protocol in a Portuguese pulmonary hypertension expert center
Rita Calé, Filipa Ferreira, Ana Rita Pereira, Carla Saraiva, Ana Santos, Sofia Alegria, Débora Repolho, Sílvia Vitorino, Pedro Santos, Gonçalo Morgado, Philippe Brenot, Maria José Loureiro, Hélder Pereira
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:653-65
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
Medication adherence to direct anticoagulants in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation – A real world analysis
Catarina Brízido, António Miguel Ferreira, Pedro Lopes, Christopher Strong, Gustavo Sá Mendes, Francisco Fernandes Gama, Anaí Durazzo, Gustavo Rocha Rodrigues, Daniel Matos, Sara Guerreiro, Sérgio Madeira, Jorge Ferreira, Pedro Adragão, Miguel Mendes
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:669-75
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Original Articles
Editorial comment
Original Articles
Editorial comment
Serum biomarkers and the electrocardiogram: Best friends forever?
Pedro Silva Cunha
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:685-6
Open access
State of the art
SGLT-2 inhibitors: A step forward in the treatment of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
José Silva-Cardoso, Aurora Andrade, Dulce Brito, Jorge Ferreira, Cândida Fonseca, Marisa Peres, Fátima Franco, Brenda Moura
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:687-93
Open access
Case report
Exercise-induced left fascicular block: A forgotten sign of coronary disease
Virginia Ruiz-Pizarro, Julián Palacios-Rubio, Miguel Ángel Cobos-Gil
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:695.e1-695.e4
Open access
Editorial comment
2020 European Society of Cardiology Core Curriculum for the Cardiologist. Is it time for change in the Portuguese cardiology training program?
Kevin Domingues, Lino Gonçalves, Maria João Vidigal, Felix C. Tanner, Miguel Mendes
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:697.e1-697.e4
Open access
Images in cardiology
Massive thrombus over an aneurysmatic left main coronary artery: Non-interventional therapy?
Kristian Rivera, Diego Fernández-Rodríguez, Marta Zielonka, Juan Casanova-Sandoval
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:699-700
Open access
Intracavitary mass in echocardiography: A rare manifestation of serous ovarian carcinoma
Arnold Mendez-Toro, Andres Felipe Linares-Vaca
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:701-2
Open access
Letter to the editor
Prognostic impact of high flow nasal cannula compared to noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation in the treatment of acute pulmonary edema
Williams Hinojosa, Carolina Iglesias, Silvio Vera, Marta Marcos, Aitor Uribarri, Itziar Gómez, Gemma Pastor
Rev Port Cardiol. 2021;40:703-5
Open access
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